Mr Seed features son and wife Nimo in new jam “Lovi lovi” and its all about love

After their controversial exit from  EMB records owned by Bahati, Mr Seed and wife Nimo are clearly thriving on their own.

Few a months after doing a song together dubbed “Superstar”, that did so well, Mr. Seed and Nimo have teamed up again for another song titled “lovi lovi”.

In the song, the couple have finally revealed their son’s face since his birth on 5th March 2019.

For fans that have longed to have a glimpse of the adorable boy Gold Christen then this song has him featured. That boy is adorable!!!!

In what seems like a family affair Mr Seed and Nimo dropped “Lovi lovi” as a way to send love to those who deserve it.

Lovi lovi

From the caption below the video on YouTube, says:

“The song is dedicated to everyone celebrating their loved ones. Also in loving memory of Grace Kagure of Komarock Modern Hospital.”

Well, it is evident that no matter what happens love those that care for you.

Nimo,Gold and Mr.Seed

At the same time, they go on to remind us that in life there are people who are always going to work on putting you down except for those that love you.

Seed is keen to thank God for the gift of a family. That including having his son Gold, a verse that was partly done by the wife Nimo.

They go on to even dedicate their son to God as His servant something some fans noted a noble thing to do.

He keeps going especially thanking his wife for sticking around him and carrying their child to the end of the 9 months journey.


As we have seen the mix of colour and was well done.

However, the kind of reaction sent to the receivership of this song is about Nimo’s voice.

Many of the fans in the comment section are excited about her voice and some have even called her out for “sleeping on talent”.

Whether with the use of an autotune or not many feel that Mr. Seed supporting his wife musically puts him at the forefront.