NTV news anchor: I was forced to work as a sweeper at Govt corporation because of my late father’s Kshs1.8M debt

NTV Kiswahili news anchor Dan Mule has shared his painful journey to where he currently is saying that it has not been easy at all.

Speaking to Daily Nation in a candid interview, Mule revealed that he used to work as a sweeper at the state-owned National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) after his father died and left shillings 1.8 million debt behind.

“When I was in Form Two, my father passed away. It was a trying time especially because we were a close-knit family, but by God’s grace we pulled through. I scored a B+ mean grade in KCSE which secured me an admission at Kenyatta University. Back then, government- sponsored students had to wait for two years before joining the university. It was during that wait that auctioneers came to our home with documents showing that my late dad owed them Sh1.8million,” he said. 

Goose chase

Mule went on to explain that he took up the job, while he was just 18 years in an attempt to settle the huge debt. This also sent him into a wild goose chase as he struggled to make a living and repay the money.

“My next stop was Pyrethrum board and here I was tasked with passing magnets through the pyrethrum to rid it of any metal scrapes before it was packed. But these jobs only lasted a week. Every week, hundreds of labourers would mill outside one company and once the supervisors selected the people they needed, the rest would go to the next company for another selection, and the last company would pick out its workers by 10:00am,” he said. 

His inspirational story has motivated many, proving that truly we should never give up and that sky is the limit.

“Today, God has blessed me with many opportunities to help others both materially and morale support. I delight in giving guidance to children and young people generally.

“I am a lecturer at St Paul’s University and Daystar University. Besides teaching , I give hope to my students to keep pushing their dreams. I aspire to give incessantly and urge others to think beyond themselves. My mantra is: You will never have too little to give,” he says. 

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Nyce Wanjeri moves to Kikuyu TV station after winning prestigious international award and ditching NTV

Former Auntie Boss actress Nyce Wanjeri quite the program after 200 episodes which totaled to about three years in at NTV.

The popular actress it has now gotten a new home and is acting on a new program called ‘Ithaga Rĩene’ and will be airing on Inooro TV every Friday at 8:30 pm.

Nyce made her announced several weeks ago that she’ll not be part of Auntie Boss anymore over ‘contractual differences’. This came just a few days after she managed to bag AMVCAs in Nigeria.

“The last contract I signed was in 2017 and this year the contract that came was different, I would say it was more of contractual differences. Si kichwa kufura. It was even before I went to Nigeria for the AMVCAs,” Shiru said.


She didn’t want to talk about her upcoming projects then, but promised to once they come to life.

“About projects, we won’t count the chicks before the hatch. So we hush and wait. But there is a new programme in Inooro, I’m a main character there in a different way from Auntie Boss,” she said.


Blogger This Is Ess lands show at NTV as more and more employees ditch the media house 

Nation Media Group’s NTV is aggressively looking to fill out slots left by employees leaving the station for greener pastures. In the process, newer faces have cropped up.

Fashionista and vlogger Sharon Mundia popularly know as This Is Ess, has landed herself a new TV job at the station.


On Instagram, she shared the news with excitement.The show is set to start in a weeks time and will be called “Living with Ess.”

Can’t believe I’m about to say this but… Starting 30th of July, I’ll be hosting a morning Lifestyle show on @ntvkenya called Living With Ess!!! she posted on IG.

“There is no emoji, no picture and no words that can bring to life the excitement I have for this next step in my life and career! It all still feels so surreal and my arms are bruised from all the times I’ve had to pinch myself these past few weeks! ??? God, I see you working your magic.”


“Thank you. ?? And thank you @ntvkenya for believing in me! And of course thank YOU for choosing to be part of this journey – whether you joined 6 years ago when I started blogging or 6 days ago.❤ Hope you’ll tune in to the show! Save the date. 30th July. 8AM sharp. Monday to Friday. Aaaaaahhhhh! My heart is so full it could burst. ??✨ #LivingWithEss.”

Former Citizen TV news anchor fired for allegedly taking bribes finally speaks after joining NTV 

Former Citizen TV Swahili news anchor Salim Swaleh has been topping headlines for weeks now after he was allegedly fired from the station for being corrupt.

Not fired

Two weeks later, Salim joined NTV, a station that has being losing employees at an alarming rate but the negative talk has followed him there. He has been forced to speak, claiming that he was not fired but he just resigned.

“Yes, it is true I left Citizen TV a week ago. I resigned for personal reasons not because of what I am reading online. My salary and the little I get from my businesses is enough money for me. I am professional journalist who has worked with international media entities,” Swaleh said in an interview with a local station.

The journalist is expected to take the role of senior news anchor, news producer and African affairs expert and researcher.


NTV Kwisha! Yet another NTV presenter quits, headed to Citizen

It has not been a good year for Nation Media Group as presenter after the other have handed their resignation letters. The media company has been losing journalists at an alarming rate as they continue rake in huge loses.

Nimorod Taabu is the latest news anchor to ditch the company after he allegedly handed his resignation recently.

Next stop

Word has it that he’s headed to Citizen TV to replace Kanze Dena who was poached by the government.

NMG has seen a mass exodus of their top journalists in a span of three months after Managing Editor.