Timmy Tdat has teamed up with Gwaash, K4Kanali and Wendee on ‘2 By 2’ and it’s too lit (Video)

Talented singer Timothy Owuor, better known as Timmy Tdat, has been featured on a new song alongside Volkhano, Wendee, Gwaash, K4Kanali & Padi and it’s a big tune.

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The song dubbed 2 By 2 talks about having two ladies instead of one because c’mon it’s the cold season, plus any other reason.

I really love this jam. As expected, Timmy’s verse is really on point and you just want to keep listening to him as he drops his punchlines. However, some might say that his lyrics are too risque.

Timmy Tdat

Volkhano also came through on this jam. To be honest, it was my first time listening to a song by him but I wasn’t really disappointed.

Wendee, the only female musician who was featured this jam, also did well. You guy, this lass has some dope bars.

Of course, K4Kanali also nailed it. Although I was impressed by his verse, I must say that he killed it on the hook. I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with his coarse voice.


Fat Boy Gwaash also did a good job. He has this rare storytelling skill that is really dope and you just want to keep listening to him.

The beat on this track was also dope. It’s very likely that you will get up to dance while listening to this jam or maybe it’s just me.


The video concept was also good. I don’t know about you but the vixens who were picked really know how to shake it.

Watch 2 By 2 below and tell us what you think.