Gwaash is exactly what Kenyan music industry needs

Image: Gwaash

If there’s an artist who has played a big role in pushing the new Kenyan sound then it’s Fat Boy Gwaash. No kidding.

He is the biggest proponent of Gengetone (or whatever you prefer to call it) so much so that he he has taken it upon himself to ensure it’s not just a wave.

You see, Fat Boy Gwaash has done a collabo with almost all the new-age artists save for Ethic. I’m told that he always seeks the collabos himself.


This way, he ensures that people keep listening to their songs. As a result, they will never fade from the music scene.

He has also previously stated that he will not do a song with an established musician until there comes a time when they will be at par.

In my opinion, he is the future of Kenyan music and we need more people like him if all we ever want to phase out foreign (read as Tanzanian) music completely.

The country is in a good place at the moment – musically speaking and I would love to see the day when our artists will have fans not only in Kenya but also outside.

Listen to his collabo with Munju Reh dubbed Hama Mtaa below.

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