Zari’s son demands to move out of home

Pinto, 20, is the first child of Zari and her late husband Ivan Ssemwanga. He is a successful entrepreneur who has launched his own company. In 2022, Zari appointed him as a Junior Director at her Brooklyn City College in South Africa.

Zari is proud of her son and knows that he is ready to start his own life. However, she is also sad to see him go. She is used to having him around and will miss his company.

In a TikTok video, Zari is seen holding a bag filled with Pinto’s clothes. She looks unhappy at first, but then she pauses to reflect and smiles. She realizes that she will have more freedom now that Pinto is moving out.

“When your son wants to move out but you have mixed emotions then remember ha… I get my freedom back 😆😁 #family #teenagers #lovelife #motherandson” she captioned the video.


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Zari is a strong and independent woman, but she is also a mother. She loves her children and will always be there for them, no matter what. She knows that Pinto is going to do great things in life, and she is excited to see what he accomplishes.

Zari’s eldest son looking more like his late dad in new photos!

Zari Hassan and her sons are currently enjoying their early summer vacation in Dubai where they took a trip to.

From the look of things, the South African business lady decided to jet off with her 3 eldest sons leaving behind Tiffah and Nillan. This is the first time the lady is seen in the company of her sons without the paparazzi roaming around now that she is no longer with Diamond Platnumz.

Pinto Ssemwanga looking like his late dad

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In the new photos shared on her Instagram page, Zari could help but reveal how proud she was to have such handsome sons. Her eldest, Pinto seems to have matured into a fine young man like his daddy.

However, unlike his parents Young Pinto seems to be aiming for the skies with his height. At 14 years, he is already taller than his mum; something that has left her wondering whether he will soon join a basketball team.

Below are just a few photos of the young man!