‘You are a dream breaker and you killed Elani’ DNA disses Pinye in new song after he called him “Mediocre”

Rapper DNA has fired more shots at veteran DJ Pinye who revealed that he didn’t play some Kenyan songs because the artists are mediocre.

In an interview with NRG, DJ Pinye said that artists like Ethic, Khaligraph Jones and DNA never got airplay from him because their music was substandard. The statement has angered many artists who have now turned the heat on him.


Dream killer

DNA has just released a diss track called “Kapinye” exposing him for being a “dream killer”.  On Instagram, the “Banjuka” artist has posted several statement dissing the DJ for not playing Kenyan music.

“Wah.Boss,you are 48.Do you know at your age, that you can be Lamba Lolo’s father-damn,even Khali’s father,but instead of encouraging them,you are trying to break them down?Hawa wasee wa Lamba Lolo ni wasee wa mtaa vi serious-would you prefer that they were robbing supermakets and getting killed by cops than doing music?Uko serious,ata kidogo?My song that you refused to play- Banjuka- is Kenya’s biggest pop hit EVER,period.A few months after you turned me down,me and my guys walked into Ogilvy and licensed the song for 100,000$. Yes.A hundred thousand dollars.For a “mediocre” song.And that was just the first deal.On God.I am so happy that you turned me down,because I was forced to learn marketing,and went on to have many,many hits.Without YOU.” he said in one post. 

Listen to the song below: