Pinye fires back after Khaligraph claimed he blocked his music from playing on TV 

Khaligraph Jones recently brought back the Play Kenyan music conversion in a rather unexpected way. Jones took to social media to share an old photo of himself while broke and share how Pinye used to ignore his music.

“Izi ndio Zile Siku Dj Pinye Hakua anataka Kucheza Wimbo Zangu kwa the Beat, Maisha ilikua imeenda vibaya mpaka nikarudi Bondo kuedesha Blacky Na kuuza Rabuoni. Akwende uko mbali sana,” he wrote on Instagram.

Not concerned

The post brought about a lot of mixed reactions online as many artists agreed with Jones that they were frustrated a lot by the DJ.

Pinye spoke to Word Is about the post and seemed not to be bothered about it any.

“Those things don’t move me and I don’t want to comment about the whole issue,” Pinye told Word Is yesterday.

Several artists have come out to bash the veteran DJ saying he killed Kenyan music by not playing it on his show The Beat.

‘You are a dream breaker and you killed Elani’ DNA disses Pinye in new song after he called him “Mediocre”

Rapper DNA has fired more shots at veteran DJ Pinye who revealed that he didn’t play some Kenyan songs because the artists are mediocre.

In an interview with NRG, DJ Pinye said that artists like Ethic, Khaligraph Jones and DNA never got airplay from him because their music was substandard. The statement has angered many artists who have now turned the heat on him.

Dream killer

DNA has just released a diss track called “Kapinye” exposing him for being a “dream killer”.  On Instagram, the “Banjuka” artist has posted several statement dissing the DJ for not playing Kenyan music.

“Wah.Boss,you are 48.Do you know at your age, that you can be Lamba Lolo’s father-damn,even Khali’s father,but instead of encouraging them,you are trying to break them down?Hawa wasee wa Lamba Lolo ni wasee wa mtaa vi serious-would you prefer that they were robbing supermakets and getting killed by cops than doing music?Uko serious,ata kidogo?My song that you refused to play- Banjuka- is Kenya’s biggest pop hit EVER,period.A few months after you turned me down,me and my guys walked into Ogilvy and licensed the song for 100,000$. Yes.A hundred thousand dollars.For a “mediocre” song.And that was just the first deal.On God.I am so happy that you turned me down,because I was forced to learn marketing,and went on to have many,many hits.Without YOU.” he said in one post. 

Listen to the song below:

48-year-old DJ Pinye angers fans after saying he can’t play “Lambo lolo” or “New Position” by Ethic

As much as controversial rap group Ethic has gone viral with their hit “Lamba Lolo”, not all music lovers are in support of them. At least not yet.

Veteran DJ Pinye recently revealed that he can’t play any of the kid’s songs because they are not yet up to bar. Ethic, which comprises of Swat, Seska, Reckless and Zila, have been enjoying a lot of airplay on local radios mainly because of their nasty lyrics.

Speaking during an interview on NRG Radio, the popular DJ, who has been in the industry for almost three decades now, longer than the four kids have been on this planet, said that artists have to prove themselves first before he plays their songs.

Khaligraph Jones

He told Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe who host the morning show that artists like Khaligraph Jones now enjoy airplay from him but that wasn’t the case a while ago.

“There are artists whose music I did not play back in the days including @KHALIGRAPH and DNA but their career has grown. I cannot play Lamba Lolo or New Position. Djs shouldn’t play mediocre music,” he said on NRG’s Breakfast Club.

Here’s how fans reacted:

Blake @TheeApolloh: @Djpinye1 is kinda right, the two songs are just breakthroughs but with zero moral content

Holy Grail @James_Nevricks: Imagine not playing Lamba Lolo because you think you are too mature. Tragic

DJ RëS@resresnation: If such music is what my audience want …I will play them.. I’m a Dj, my job is to make my audience happy…

Orb of discord @nyotttu: DJs ni entertainers…..not moral police

Edgar Ja Bay ®     @jamlekjakababa: Everyone is entitled to opinion but imagine sio amust saa zingine uonge. Such a reckless statement with a lot of irony in it. You can play international songs that are literally trash but local musicians who are busting their balls to make music cant get a playback from you. Smh

NTV’s The Beat to stop airing on NTV after a clean 14 years 

After 14 years of playing local music on Nation Media’s NTV, music show The Beat is finally coming to and end.

The show, which was started by veteran DJ Pinye, took to social media to share that it has terminated it’s contract with the station and might be getting a new home.

“To everyone who has watched us over the last 14 years, supported us, criticized us, sent a shout out, we are happy to have been in this long journey together. The show comes to an end on NTV and we moving to shape the Kenyan music industry keep it locked on our new YouTube channel and social media handles for updates”, read the post.


It’s not clear where Pinye might be taking the show next. Many however, believe he might be headed to Citizen TV, which lately has poached a huge number of Nation’s employees.