Watermelon! Wiper denies then re-announces Prezzo has their 2022 Kibra candidate

There was confusion on Tuesday after rapper Prezzo was unveiled as Wiper Party Kibra by-election candidate only for him to be rejected by the party then reannounced a fresh.

The party released a series of confused announcements but later clarified Prezzo will be their 2022 candidate and not November this year when the byelections are taking place.


Wiper leader Kalonzo Mustapha and rapper Prezzo at press Conference

“He (Prezzo) wanted to vie but we had decided not to field a candidate because NASA supported us in the Embakasi South parliamentary seat therefore we will not field a candidate to spoil for our sister parties, he is our candidate (for Kibra) but in 2022 elections,” said the party’s spokesman. 

Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka made the announcement later on Twitter saying Prezzo will only run for 2022. Another source also claimed that the party’s social media accounts had been hacked.


Tanzanian woman blasts singer TID for claiming he fathered a baby with her, says Prezzo is the father

A Tanzanian woman has denied that veteran singer TID is the father of her kid as he has been claiming for the better part of last week.

The woman, who goes by the name Shekha, blasted the singer and warned him to stop spreading lies. Shekha as a matter of fact, ended up revealing the farther of the baby and it’s none other than veteranrapper Prezzo.

Speaking to a local news paper via phone from Germany, the woman warned TID from posting his pictures and claiming he’s the dad.

“Nimenyamaza kwa muda mrefu lakini sasa nimeshindwa kabisa kuen­delea kuvumilia ndiyo maana naweka wazi na TID ajue kuwa mtoto siyo wake bali ana baba yake. Uzuri ni kwamba Prezzo ambaye ndiye baba wa mwanangu naye ni mwanamuziki hivyo kama TID anataka amuulize mwenyewe atapata jibu kuhusu nani anastahili kuitwa baba wa mtoto”. she said. 

Would have been a secret

The woman said that she wasn’t going to reveal who the dad was but TID has forced her to because of his recent antics.

“Haya mambo yasingefika huku ila TID ndiye aliyesababisha maana anang’ang’ania vitu ambavyo siyo vyake, naomba aniache jamani na mai­sha yangu huyu mtoto ni wa Prezzo nimemaliza.” she said.