Nameless that became a name in Music-The first of OGs.

Nameless the name…

David Mathenge alias Nameless is an award winning music artist in Kenya. Nameless was born in 1976. He was raised in Ngong  and is the last born of five children in his family.With reference from Nairobi wire, Nameless was playful by nature while growing up.

He got into the music industry in 1999 after his first song “Megarider” that he originally wrote after winning a radio talent search contest by Capital Fm .

The song ‘Megarider” depicted the life of a typical campus boy trying to woo a girl, but the only thing he could offer was the bus ticket for the ‘megarider’.The producer of the song then being  Ted Josiah.

Marriage and Career…

The 43 year old, married fellow artist Wahu on 10th september 2005. Wahu is now a gospel artist and together with Nameless they have two daughters namely Tumiso and Nyakio Mathenge.

However,as much as the couple have proven that there is hope in marriage,they admit they have have had some shake up in theirs too.

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As he set out in his music career I believe he never knew he would end up being a household name in the Kenyan Music scene.

He however had  goals for his music career. That is as per his youtube Channel bio that reads, “B4iR is basically short for Before I Retire. “It is a kind of bucket list of all the things I want and must do in the music industry, before I retire.It includes 24 solo songs and my 15 dream collaborations with artists I respect and admire all across the world” Nameless.

Thankfully Nameless has stayed relevant in the 20 yrs he has been doing music. At the same time,Nameless juggles music and being an architect.

Music that has put Nameless top in  charts include; ‘Butterfly,Deadly,Coming Home,African Beauty,Letigo, Nasinzia Nikikuwaza, Ng’ang’ana, Maisha, Salary,Magarider, Ninanoki, Moto wa Kuotea Mbali”

Generally, you wouldn’t struggle to understand his music.That is, looking at how successful he has been, it is obvious he knows who and what type of audience he writes his music to.

In the 20yrs of music Nameless can proudly stand  before people and be proud of his journey and with that he did a remix of his first song ‘Megarider’ few days ago featuring Khaligraph Jones for his music anniversary.


He has also managed to keep away from controversy that would crumble him personally and career wise.

If for anything, he is a clear definition of a role model to many people especially the new artists in the music industry.The man who chose to be Nameless 20 yrs ago is now a name to behold.