Tanasha Donnah set to rock the East African music curve as she drops new EP

Tanasha Donah, a Kenyan radio girl and music sensation that has clearly clinched her own space in the Kenyan music scene.

A lady who rose to fame after coupling up with Wasafi records boss Diamond Platinumz has proven that she is not there to look pretty and all. She wanted to win!

Tanasha has had her fair share of backlash from both Kenya and Tanzania. Diamond’s fans thought she’d just be another socialite in his life.

However, the lass decided to disapprove the region by venturing into music something that saw her raise the fame bar even further.

Her debut “Radio” with fellow Kenyan Barak Jacuzzi received mixed reactions but luckily she got to over 1 million views.

Well, after the song came the narrative about her faking her age. Netizens could not bottle in the fact that a young person can succeed so fast. Oh well, she had to prove it to the naysayers.

That aside, despite the noise around how she got her fame one thing that stands out about Tanasha is her composure to social media trolls.

She never answers back not unless provoked!! I mean I would too.


Music EP release

It is evident that 2020 will be a good year for Ms Tanasha as she is et to release her first Ep dubbed “Donnatella”.

The EP launch is set for 31st Jan 2020 and a series of Kenya celebrities are set to headline the show.

Being a little economical with details about the party, the mother of one clearly has a big party set for 31st.

Some of the celebrities set to be at the launch include baby daddy Diamond Platinumz who has it all planned in his 2020 tour calendar, Wahu, Nameless, Cate the actress, Nviiri the storyteller, Brenda Wairimu, Khaligraph among others.

Her latest jam “La Vie” that she features Wasafi’s Mbosso was another propel to her music because this girl can sing!

Well, it’s something to wait and see because she has proven herself to her fans.

Tanasha is an amateur in the music industry

Music industry in East Africa is somehow failing the citizens and also the world at large.

Am stressing this  because we are at a time where everybody thinks when you have the microphone and followers, you can as well sing. Singing well in the shower makes one a musician or being born with this good voice as well.

Why is she an amateur?

Tanasha is pretty good looking girl and I love the way she’s humble especially to her allies and on the social media. But I think one should tell her the truth. Let her sing  some good sense. Its okay she doesn’t want to be a star as she said.  She’s more into the craft but what are we selling or how are we portraying our music to the outside world.

Tanasha Donna: Song writer

To start with, I know we are going to argue about this for the better part of the day.

On the other hand, Tanasha’s music too is bit down. This is because she focuses more on classy videos which we must agree it’s  good.  But how about whats being sang?  So far we focus on her two songs ‘Radio and Nah Easy’ ,she has done some good job. Although, going back keenly the music is sort of hitting a message on someone specific and not bringing out the flow of good music.

Besides it being her second, Album ‘Nah easy’ I hope as time goes by she will grow to singing some good sense to the music industry and her fans, because she has the voice.

Because if the same trend continues I can bet on it that she won’t be on the music industry for a long time as she aspires in her project, she needs the words and a message and not more of portraying her beauty and voice.

In conclusion, she is good because she keeps us entertained but she needs to grow.