Wig off! Hijab on! Zari Hassan out to embrace the Holy Month of Ramadan

Zari recently took off her wigs flaunting her natural hair but that could be because she needs to rock her duly ´Ramadan attire´.


The fashionable Boss lady professes the Islamic religion though on normal days, she does her thing: hair out and heels on.

Ideally, it is customary that a Muslim woman ought to have her head covered, ankle-low loose-fitting attire whenever in public.

However, seems that is not her ´thing´ probably doesn´t feel the ´vibe´.

Unfortunately, the religious season is here and it needs to get accorded the respect it deserves.

She takes on her religious Islamic attire and embraces it all.

As the holy month of Ramadan kicked off, the business woman captions:

My Muslim family.