Weuh! Rayvanny disgusts fans after attacking baby mama in broad daylight (Photo)

Rayvanny’s baby mama Fahyma is still holding on the fact that her relationship with the singer; will one day go back to how it was back in the day. We can’t blame her for wanting a complete family for their son, Jayden but sometimes you cannot force pieces to fall back in place when they no longer fit.

However it appears that both Fahyma and Rayvanny are in talking terms; or else she wouldn’t have gathered the courage to share his photo and caption it Mume wangu.

This confirmed that the two could be back together but following their public break up; Vanny boy would rather keep his relationship on the low – however Fahyma felt the need to prove a point to haters. A move I bet she now regrets.

Rayvanny blasts baby mama

Moments after the photo went viral on social media, Rayvanny rushed to his baby mama’s page where he left a comment demanding for the photo to pulled down.

Fahyma with son, Jayden

His biggest mistake is how he approached his baby mama with zero respect; as he wrote;


Rayvanny attacks baby mama in public

Right before pulling the post down, there are those who managed to grab a screenshot; and judging from how fans have reacted to the comment – shows that the singer lacks respect for the mother of his son.

Every couple is battling it’s own issues…but clearly this boy child is fed up.