Rayvanny facing rape charges over intimate video with a minor

Singer Rayvanny made the biggest mistake of his life by posting a video where he is seen exchanging saliva with, Paula Kajala; a school girl who will soon be joining form 5.

According to reports, the contents of the video shared by Vanny boy; disgusted Paula Kajala’s mum, actress Kajala Masanja; who has decided to seek help from the government following the inappropriate clips shared widely online.

Rayvanny and Paula Kajala

As seen on a post shared by Kajala Masanja;  the actress accuses Hamisa Mobetto of pimping her daughter Paula Kajala to Vanny boy. This statement however caught the attention of the Tanzanian police (Oysterbay police station)  who decided to summon both; Rayvann and Hamisa Mobetto on Tuesday, 16th.

Rayvanny maintains silence

So far word has it that Rayvanny will be maintaining his silence as his lawyers do all the work; but as for now, he is expected to report to Oysterbay police station where he spent most his evening yesterday.

According to blogger Original East, Rayvanny is facing rape charges for the kissing video; and although Paula is over 18 years – she is still considered as a minor by the government until she completes high school.

Hamisa Warned

Hamisa on the other hand is also in trouble for hanging out with the minor; and sharing their videos on social media! This is because Paula Kajala remains as the government’s ‘property’ until she turns 21 years.

Rayvanny facing rape charges

Well, this a lesson to all! But what if Paula is learning these tactics from those around her? Isnt her mum Kajala Masanja dating Harmonize who is 14years younger than her?