“Fat people are careless as f*ck,” says NRG Radio presenter King Kalala

King Kalala is not just known for her hoarse voice but also for her bold don’t care attitude that many have witnessed on most of her videos shared online.

However this time around her sharp mouth has not only rubbed many wrong; but has also confirmed that her tongue sometimes says the most irrelevant cum useless things that may hurt one or two people. Anyway thanks to a video shared by one of her coworker, Reedah Yvonne many got to see and hear King Kaka body shame those who have fat bodies as well big tummies.

NRG presenters, Natalie Githinji and King Kalala

The video which was shared to probably show off both their flat tummies raised mixed reactions; after King Kalala opened her mouth. Flaunting her flat snatched tummy, the popular presenter was heard in the back ground talking about people with big bodies, to which she said;

Fat people are lazy as fvck

Netizens react

Judging from Edgar Obare’s following reacted to this; Ghafla can assure you that netizens were not only disgusted by King Kalala’s statement but also felt sorry for being small minded!

According to most it’s not everyone who likes being skinny or rather having a tummy! In fact you’d find most battling conditions or those stuck with baby fat; but body shaming has been one of the reasons why suicide and self hate continues to increase in our society.

Anyway, lets hope that the media personality will speak about her trash talking video soon; or probably issue an apology.


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