Kelechi Africana ready to put a ‘Ring” on it in his new Banger

Kelechi Africana , the Kenyan artist  that subscribes to love so well. The Kenyan RnB musician picked his niche and so far he is doing very well.

He started off with the now split Wasojali Band  from the coast of Kenya, Mombasa where he  featured in their first song “Ntalia nawe’ which was a success.

The reason for the Band’s fall out is still not very clear but we are still thankful that Kelechi Africana did not disappear in the wind.

Kelechi is back to the music scene with his new jam ‘Ring”.In this he basically speaks to all couples that share love to appreciate each other in every possible way.


The song has a reggae vibe in it,this was to ensure that the song is worth dancing to even in the clubs.

Talk of making it a real banger!!I mean literally.

He start with, “I know you like me, I know you feel me, I know yow want a life around me , I know you love me and I love you too….ooouuuh baby, lemme put a Ring around your finger”

Basically describing the Kind of love the man has towards his girl and that he is ready to settle down,”lemme put a Ring around your finger.”


The song is produced by Teknix of  the  001 Music group.

The producers and directors did justice to this song as it clearly depicts the love between the two -Kelechi and the girl model.

Further, they show the planned  marriage proposal and how he appreciates his woman. Any woman would want such love and and romance by her man.

For Kelechi Africana, good job please give us more music.Kenya will appreciate.

For the sake of rating I give it 7/10 .Below is the video enjoy and tell us what you think.