Rose Muhando: I wasn’t on drugs, someone was trying to force me into s*x

Singer Rose Muhando has come out to deny that she was a hooked on drugs as many people were led to believe.

Speaking in a radio interview, the singer confessed that she was in trouble because she didn’t want to work with her record label at the time.

“I was sick; I went through problems. My management took away everything I had. There are things that I did not want to do and that was the start of all my problems.” she told a local radio station.


She further added that she was in trouble also because someone powerfull wanted to have sex with her but she said no.

“For example, I cannot walk with someone’s husband. I didn’t want to be a slave of sex. Even though he created a scandal for me because I refused him. How many times have I been driven to the mountains at gunpoint?” she said. 

Muhando rubbished drug addiction allegations.

“I don’t even know how drugs look like. However, there is a big secret that I cannot say.  I have never used drugs.” 


‘I took Muhando to pastor Ng’ang’a but we are not in any intimate relationship’- Kasolo 

Kamba singer Stephen Kasolo confessed that he took gospel singer Rose Muhando to pastor Ng’ang’a’s church but has denied that the two are in a relationship.

It has been a tough week for Muhando after a clip of the pastor casting demons out of her went viral. Kasolo, who has been a close friend of Muhando for three years now, said that it’s sad some people claim he’s the one hiding her.

“I’ve never introduced Muhando to drugs or had any intimate relationship with her. If anyone has evidence of that, they should come out and prove it. Some people claim that I’ve been hiding her. That’s not true. As a matter of fact, Rose’s relatives came for her to help her get further treatment and she left the country,” Kasolo told The Nairobian.


Early this year, Kasolo posted a video on YouTube which has Muhando confessing that she’s in love with him.

“Kwa keli Mungu amenipa roho ye kumpenda kama vile mwanamke anapompenda mume wake,” she says in the video. 

The two artists have released a song titled “Musitutafute.” which Kasolo says has been received positively.

“I’m happy that the hit has been received well. Those who are talking ill of us are idle,” he added.

Rose Muhando ordered by Tanzanian authority to return to the country immediately 

Days after shocking Kenyans following a dramatic prayer session with controversial pastor James Ng’ang’a, gospel singer Rose Muhando has been ordered to return to the country.

The Tanzanian Music Foundation (TAMUFO) wants the singer back in the country so that she can get all the necessary help he she needs.

The foundation’s secretary, Stella Joel in a statement said they decided to look into her case after her claims portrayed a negative image on the industry.

“As an agency mandated to look into the welfare of musicians in Tanzania, we have decided to seriously look into her claims. In that viral video, she accuses her former manager, Nathan, of very bad things. Her claims paint a bad picture of our industry,” Joel said. 


Muhando, in the video, accuses her ex-manager Nathan, of planting evil spirits in her. TAMUFO also wants to meet with him since they believe there’s more between the two.

“We have ordered Rose Muhando to immediately return to Tanzania. We understand that she is being housed by a fellow musician in Kenya. We, as an agency, believe Rose Muhando is not demon-possessed, but there is something she is up to,” said Joel. 

Rose Muhando speaks after her shocking photo hit social media 

Kenyans have been wondering what has happened to gospel singer Rose Muhando after a photo of her looking emaciated and wearing a bandage hit online.

The singer, in an interview, has come out to share that she was in an accident which left her with several injuries. One of the picture showed her standing next to a pulpit in church looking tired and weary.

Many speculated it’s because of hard drugs but the singer shared she had just been released from hospital and is in the process of recovering.

“That image was taken two weeks ago, when I was in Kenya. The cuts in my legs, which I sustained in a road accident three months ago, are healing. The process has left me with dark spots on the affected parts of the body, including my back I am currently doing fine, even as I continue with treatment,” she shared in an interview with Citizen.