Saumu Mbuvi and ex husband’s new woman savagely attack each other on social media

The heat in both Saumu Mbuvi’s kitchen and that of Aeedah Bambi is just too hot; but problem is none of them wants to raise the white flag!

Aeedah with Senator Loitiptip

Well, these two besties no longer see eye to eye  due to a man they both like; but in Saumu’s defense – her friend stole her baby daddy and the man she was hoping to settle down with in the near future. But oh! This is Nairobi.

Anyway the two former friends have lately been attacking each other on social media; all because of Senator Loitiptip who dumped Saumu Mbuvi for Aeedah Bambi – the woman he claims to love.

Backstabbing friends

Anyway now that the story is no longer a secret to their fans; Saumu Mbuvi as usual decided to share some cryptic posts on the same weekend her baby daddy was celebrating his birthday.

Saumu with Senator Loitiptip before breakup

Having unveiled new photos with his new found love, Aeedah Bambi; it appears that the senator pushed his baby mama Saumu Mbuvi to throw shade.

As seen in a post shared on IG, Saumu laugher off at the couple saying;

Some are busy chasing for fame, others money living life with no purpose and direction soon as you realize your time is up; it’ll be too late for you….so choose wisely hii dunia tunapita tu.

Aeedah Bambi

Well, Aeedah on the other hand decided to hit back saying;

The fact that you don’t like someone does not mean they will suffer or not succeed!!! Alaye God is not from your village.