List of celebrity kids turning heads with their fashionable looks (Photos)

When we talk of celebrity kids, we think they have it all like their parents right? Right! However there are those who appear to be doing better than their parents in terms of fashion and design.

Yes, just like the Kardashian kids… we also have a few celebrity kids in Kenya living the high and glamorous life that international celebrity children live. In some cases these kids have managed to earn a living for themselves through their Instagram; And come to think of it, what better way to do so than go and use their blessed genetics to be in front of a camera?

Below is a list of the most fashionable Kenyan celebrity kids who dress better than their parents;

Baby Naseeb Junior

Naseeb Junior

He might just be 1 year old but baby Naseeb’s photos always end up trending on social media whenever his mum shares them online. He is not only his father’s photocopy but rumor has it that he is the favorite grandchild after Tiffah Dangote.

Jaguar’s eldest son

Well many claim that Hamisa Mobetto looks like Jaguar’s eldest son, which is true. However when it comes to dressing, it is no secret that Jaguar’s boy has taste (or his mum). This is because, every time the MP gets to flaunt him on social media, we all can’t help but compliment the young man.

Baby Taji

Taji WaJesus

For a boy his age, Baby Taji is undeniably a fashion killa! So far his page has managed to attract followers thousands of followers; and in the comment section one can’t miss a comment from a lady catching baby fever all thanks to Taji’s photos. Yes, we love him and his little smile that he definitely inherited from his daddy.

Baby K

Catherine Kamau alias Kate Kamau with her adorable baby girl, baby K

Who doesn’t adore Catherine Kamau’s daughter? Although Mummy and daddy have been keeping her on the low; we thank God for Catherine who cannot hold back from flaunting her kid every time she slays.

So far we have seen baby K in adorable swimming suits, glasses and a cute bag.

Sekani Rich

Baby Sekani

Well, it goes without saying that Sekani is one stylish baby thanks to his mum. Looking at most of his photos on social media, it is no secret that the young man will one day venture into the world of modelling. With all his stylish outfits, indeed Sekani gives most of these Instagram models a run for their money.


How Bridget Achieng’s son celebrated 1st birthday in style!

Bridget Achieng went all out for her son’s 1st birthday as seen on her Instagram page and posts on her son’s Instagram page!

Judging from the photos, it is obvious to see that the mother of one spent quite an amount to money to ensure her son got everything he needed!

The good and blue theme indeed matched the young man’s outfit that left many talking on social media. While other mum’s insist that there is no need of throwing a lavish 1st birthday; since the kids wouldn’t remember it anyway!

How the lavish bash went down

Well, Bridget Achieng has gone ahead to prove that she is willing to go to lengths just to see her son happy!

Thanks to a few photos from the bash, we now have an idea of how the birthday went down! Check out the photos below courtesy of Sekani Rich’s Instagram page!

Sekani’s bash
Sekani bash
Sekani turns a year older
Bridget Achieng’s son