Rapper Sylvia Ssaru Raises Her Dowry Price To Ksh1.5 Billion

Just weeks after setting her dowry price at Ksh1 billion, rapper Sylvia Ssaru has upped the ante, declaring that her dowry now stands at a staggering Ksh1.5 billion. She has also hinted that the price could even surpass Ksh2 billion in the future.

In a recent interview with Mungai Eve in Eldoret, Ssaru, who was performing at the Love and Vibes concert, explained her reasons for demanding such a high dowry.

“Right now it’s Ksh1.5 billion, and if it’s late 2024, I’ll raise it,” she stated confidently. “To those who say I’ll marry myself, I can afford it. So if someone wants to marry me, they have to be more than me, that is, they should come with more than me.”

Undeterred by criticism, Ssaru boldly asserted her worth, declaring, “If you leave the table away, I am the foundation of the house itself where the table will sit.”

She further addressed the question of what she would bring to the marriage, stating, “My life right now, I don’t need a poor man. I need someone who can also support me with other things. If I date a poor man, it will pull me back. Only a man should strive to reach the price.”

When asked about her contribution to the marriage in exchange for the hefty dowry, Ssaru proclaimed, “I am the foundation of the whole house, so leave the table. I am the finished house. Right now, you are being asked what you bring home, not the table now. I think I bring everything because in this life, I come with love and my own salary. I come with beauty, so if it all doesn’t fit on the table, I don’t know.”

While acknowledging the popularity of music with explicit content among Kenyan fans, Ssaru emphasized that her music production is not driven by a love for such content but rather by the demands of her audience.

“Dirty music indeed sells,” she admitted. “Those are the songs that Kenyans like. If you give it to them, you have a show here and there.”

Ssaru’s unapologetic stance and skyrocketing dowry demands have undoubtedly sparked heated debates and divided opinions. Her actions challenge societal norms and raise questions about the role of women in modern Kenyan society.

Ssaru and Exray (Boondocks Gang)’s new track Tapo is bland and 2D video is way below par!

Ssaru, is un-arguably, the most visible female Gengetone artist on the arena right now. While the industry is generally kinder and gentler to female artists – who flaunting beauty and assets is a bonus – Ssaru has risen above that misconception with a relentless desire to make a talented musical footprint.

For a minute, look at Ssaru’s past releases: Dose, Dhudha,Weka and the track that broke her into the limelight with more than a million hits, Zungushiwa, featuring Shay Diva. She has weaned her fans with great works of art.

Ssaru has teamed up with Exray, from Boondock’s Gang in her latest stride into stardom. In his part, Exray is an integral section of the pie that’s Boondock’s Gang, and lyrical prowess is dominant. This pair blends beautifully, instant chemistry to produce an inevitable club banger. Exray also brings the likeable, thuggish-dude-next-door Boondocks Gang vibe that could be a plus to the track.

Ricobeatz, production is on point, beats and vocals well balanced.


The lyric content in Tapo. Hey, what gives? It’s understandable that it’s Gengetone – and it is what it is – but the lyrics are pretty bland, and shallow, to say the least. Well, initially, Gengetone did stir up some excitement with the bold never-seen-before profanity and it’s acceptable to a point, IF, it’s creatively done. With time, though, it’s getting bland.

Exray in a past performance with Boondocks Gang
Exray in a past performance with Boondocks Gang

Exray begins with one liners, with Ssaru delivering the signature base line ‘…Kuji Tapo….’ That’s just it.

The pair chose to release an animated video in 2D. Well, the one aspect that make Gengetone videos appealing is their colorful videos, often with choreographed dance moves. Who watches a 2D video to the end? Fans want to see their idols at it!

Am I too harsh? Watch the Tapo video below, and give your thought:



Artist Spotlight: Ssaru, the undisputed queen of Gengetone

For a long time, Gengetone was dominated by guys and many people often wondered whether it was a male genre as the ladies steered clear of it.

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Then somewhere along the way, a pretty lass known as Sylvia Saru emerged. Most of us first came to know her after a video of her free-styling went viral.


In the video, which was posted in November 2019, Ssaru proved to Kenyans that she did not come to play. She had a distinct flow and to add to that, her rhymes were epic.

Soon after that, she dropped another freestyle with E.que before releasing her first single titled Weka about a month ago. Ssaru has since released two other songs titled Dhudha and Weka.

Though she is barely six months old in the Kenyan music industry, this lass has earned a legion of loyal followers and some have even labelled her the undisputed queen of Gengetone, something I agree with.


She is really dope and if you are a fan of Gengetone, like myself, then I am sure that her music will resonate with you and you might even become a die hard fan.

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The one thing that I love most about Ssaru, other than her good looks of course, is the fact that she is versatile. Today you’ll find her singing Gengetone, tomorrow it will be Trap, the next day it will be dancehall.

I mean, what more could you ask for? Ssaru is a full package. My only wish is that we see more female artists who are willing to step out of their comfort zones like her. Enough said.

Watch her latest single titled Weka below and tell us what you think.