Savage! City socialite blasts busy bodies asking about her daughter’s whereabouts

22 year old Vanessa Chettle will not be accepting any free advice from any online users. In fact she is fed up with all those who keep judging her whenever she steps out to have a good time.

In a new post shared on her Instagram page the lady comes out strongly to tell off those who think they have a say in her daughter’s life. According to her none of them offer to buy milk or even help save for the baby’s school fees; yet they are quick to point fingers at her lifestyle.

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This comes shortly after she revealed how tough it was to be alone and pregnant for 9 months and still deliver all alone in a bathroom. In other words she is doing the best she can to raise her baby girl like any other determined single mum.

“No Instagram page for my baby”

In a different post, Vanessa Chettle made it clear that she will not be opening any social media page for her daughter.

This however comes as a surprise since most of her agemates and celebrities in Kenya seem to be obsessed with doing this for their newborns.

Anyway, read her post below.