Vivian features in Watanashati’s new song “Murio” and its totally worth your time

Vivian Kenya has been featured in the song “Murio”by the Watanashati Classic. The song is doing well considering the positive comments from fans up on YouTube. It is your typical love song with a  vibe from Meru.

Vivian has done songs including Masharti, Feel Me, Chum Chum, Addicted, Chingi changa, teren, Talk to Me, Free, Woman in Love and Same Girl. Songs that have been huge successes in the industries.

Further, she has also had good collabos such as Charm featuring Jose Chameleone, Nilivyo featuring Madinni Classic, Accelerator featuring the Kansoul.

In the other hand, Watanashati Classic is a duo consisting of Jay Soul and Koffi Machette. The fast-rising duo have been featured in songs including: sawa, Tingisha, and Kamware.



Mapenzi ya Kimeru it is for this song. If you’ve never interacted with Meru love this is your chance. The lyrics to this song is in both Swahili and Meru. Vivian does most of her lines in Swahili and English which makes it easy for the rest of us to understand.

I wanna give it to you one time

Love me like I’m gonna be with you one time

I wanna make you forget your mind

Let me show you we can spend all night

The feel-good love song goes on and on as the two Watanashati Classic showcase their vocal prowess while singing in both Meru and Swahili. It’s a jam easy to relate to despite of the mixture of languages as it speaks the language of love, one that everyone understands.

The video is shot in the plush Meru county as well as Isiolo. It’s a chance to showcase the beautiful scenery in Kenya. The video is quite colourful and lively.

However, I wish the people in the video tried a little more dancing. A little choreography could have made this video much better.

Now its your chance to support this lads with their amazing voices.Watch it below  and tell us what you think.

Rating 6/10