“I’m weak!” Willis Raburu admits after Julie Gichuru’s live birthday message to him on video

Aww! What better way to mark another year in your life than see your mentor celebrate you in the most unthinkable of ways?

1st April, yes, April Fools, media personality, Willis Raburu breathed his first in the world.

His colleagues at Citizen TV and Royal media at large, celebrated the news presenter, terming him as a ‘hardworking’ and ‘resilient’ individual.

Willis Raburu

Julie Gichuru

However, he was left tongue-tied after his long-term mentor and inspiration, seasoned journalist, Julie Gichuru celebrated him in a special way.

Julie literally took some time off just to send the ’10 over 10′ show host a birthday message, recalling how they first met at Citizen TV and to date, she deeply appreciates him.

Happy Birthday Willis. Wishing you a very happy birthday on this special day. Right from the beginning, it was so clear you had so much passion for the work, your heart is in the things that you do and that’s such a special thing. Never ever lose that!

Julie Gichuru

Sending some advice his way:

Willis, this life can be really really be tough and the thing we have to always remember, is there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. My message to you is: Never lose your light, you have such a bright light, you have such a warmth. Never lose hope. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead and Please, stay safe and be well.

All this time, a thrilled Willis was busy rotating on his chair in the studio, shying away from the camera, and blushing at the moment, til he put on his shades to prevent the tears from running.

Julie Gichuru

Once the clip was over, Willis threw himself to the ground, kicking his legs in the air, you’d think his brain was retrogressing.

Flaunting: That was Julie people! Oh my God! Eh! Julie Gichuru. Mimi nakwambia ni Julie peke yake! Wacha tu tukae na huyo Julie mehn! There can only be one.

Before confessing:

I’m weak.

Citizen TV presenter, Willis Raburu

He became unruly in the studio and to say the least, this guy was over the moon.

He came out sweating, breathing heavily and tears rolling down his cheeks.

All this was courtesy of the 10 over 10 crew, inclusive of singer, Avril, Joe and DJ Protege.

On Instagram, Willis gushed:

I am rarely speechless @juliegichuru

I have looked up to Julie for years!!!!!!!!! For her to do this for me on my birthday and in the year I am celebrating my 10th year in media! I just…. sigh thank you @juliegichuru Thank you. God bless you immensely! Thank you to the @1010fanpage crew for organizing this ????????