Willy Paul threatening his girlfriend’s boyfriend doesn’t make sense

Willy Paul is currently trending following an expose done on him by a fella accusing him of sliding into his girlfriend’s DM; and for a minute – we couldn’t understand why the said guy was overreacting and if anything –  he should have taken up the issue with his woman and not Pozee, right?

Willy Paul 

But just when we thought that was low, Pozee who we assumed would handle the matter like a mature man even made things worse by hitting back at his girlfriend’s boyfriend; and from the post share on his page – ill assume he threatened to have him shot.

This is after he posted a photo if a gun and on the side a box full of bullets….probably just to show how what he can do….but again – Pozee didn’t caption the post:

Pozee needs to change his strategy

Having been linked to so many women and even accused of rape – its funny that Willy Paul never changes his strategy on how he approaches women; or rather keeps going for the same type…lightskin, petite and pretty.

More of like a weird Jeffery Epstein in the making or something of that sort…. but whats more surpring is how he decided to go after the YouTuber….when he is the one on the wrong. Or wait, could it be that Pozee has real feelings for the lady?

But again….having realized that the lady had willingly shared her contacts with Willy Paul proves she hasn’t left the streets yet…..and maybe just maybe – the boyfriend should first put his house inorder.