Blogger X-tian Dela forced to swallow humble pill and go into hiding after sarcastic comments on Kenyan artists 

Blogger X-tian Dela wanted to prove a point that Kenyan music is trash but in the end, paid dearly for his remarks.

The blogger took to social media to share a rather low budget video of upcoming artists during the heated Play Kenyan music debate.

The video, called Matokoo, was a sarcastic post meant to show that Kenyan artists are not getting airplay because of their music. Some artists however, didn’t like the post.

Khaligraph Jones took the post personally, called out the presenter for being petty when guys are trying to come up with better ways how the entertainment industry can be built.

“Oneni uyu sasa? @xtiandela this is ignorance of The highest order, instead of coming up with ideas of how we can work together, you are now trying to be petty and sarcastic, out of all the great music Kenya has to offer, you choose this to try drive a stupid point home?, gathee chunga sana na tuwache mazoeano, I believe you are a smart guy, give advice on how to become better artists other than Making a fool out of them, #respecttheogs #mrinternational.” he posted. 


After Khali’s post, fans descended on Dela trolling him for the post a thing that forced him to put his account on private.

“After Facing the Wrath @xtiandela account imebidi imeingizwa Private very quick gathee ikaingia Mitini, vile mbogi imeenda kumpasha, na iwe funzo kwa wale wengine wanaosema ati Haiwezekani Ama Kenya hamna mziki mzuri #respecttheogs #mrinternational,” posted Khaligraph.

Another media personality stricken by illness comes close to death

Imagine coming face-to-face with death when everyone around you is celebrating the long Easter holiday…must really be annoying.

Well, Twitter bigwig Xtian Dela was admitted at a Nairobi hospital after falling ill on Sunday…an experience that left him feeling like his soul was about to leave his body.

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He announced this through his Instagram stories where he wrote asking his followers to pray for him now that he has been hospitalized.

Had a close death experience today. Wah! It’s a miracle am still alive. Please pray for me guys. This sickness can’t beat me.

Xtian Dela
Xtian Dela

Though he did not reveal what he was suffering from, we are thankful that the fella is doing better now. He also shared a couple of photos while on his hospital bed and judging from the comments most of his followers wished him nothing but a quick recovery.

Xtian Dela
Xtian Dela