Gwaash has teamed up with K4Kanali and Xtrim on ‘Meow’ and it’s a big tune (Audio)

Fat Boy Gwaash, also known as Mr. Sponyo, is back with a new joint alongside K4Kanali and Xtrim and we are really feeling it. Like, really!

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The new song dubbed Meow – the sound that is produced by a cat – is about how guys pursue ladies with the objective of bedding then hence the meow sound, you get it? Sorry prudes, this is not for you.

Although I was really disappointed in the quality of the audio, I must admit that Gwaash, K4Kanali and Xtrim really had some tight verses in this jam.

To be more specific, I was really impressed by K4Kanali. You might remember him from the first verse in Katambe, “Danse danse na baby ukichoka wacha nikudare tukikata kaquarter sai tunasele…”


K4Kanali also killed it in this jam. His verse goes like, “Baby uko fiti umeshikana kama simiti, mwili ni ya madhako na najua wewe huringi ana forehead proper matako matiti dreadi kama nichi na ni safi…”

Like I mentioned earlier, the only problem I have with this jam is the audio quality. It’s terrible, there is no other way to describe it. It just shows that the song was hurriedly done and released.

That notwithstanding, I really loved the beat. It’s the kind that will get you in a great mood from the time you hit the play button. Props to the producer.

Listen to Meow below and tell us what you think.