Museveni’s final Covid-19 test results are negative.

Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda, claims that eleven days after contracting the virus on June 7, he has finally tested negative for Covid-19.

After a string of positive tests throughout the course of the day, Museveni stated in a statement on Sunday that the virus was no longer present in his body system.

“On the war with corona, it is now confirmed that I am a veteran graduate of the war with that enemy. Today, the samples showed that I had turned negative vis a vis corona. Even the samples of Wednesday last, had showed reduced presence of the virus parts. The Glory goes to God,”

The President provided a timeline of his battle with the virus, noting that he first disregarded symptoms until he started to acquire a running nose.

He claimed that after being examined by his doctor, it was discovered that he had extremely low levels of vitamin D, a condition that made him vulnerable to a serious Covid-19 infection.

“Unbelievable! My Vitamin D levels were very low, my Vitamin B 12 were very low etc. Imagine the President of Uganda is malnourished to the detriment of his life. I immediately started taking the vitamins and soon that front was robust. Then we had the immunization and boosters,” Museveni added.

The President urged health administrators in the nation to concentrate on promoting illness prevention rather than waiting for people to become ill so they may provide curative care after acknowledging that his situation bordered on neglect in the management of his own personal health.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni Recovering After Testing Positive For COVID-19

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has tested positive for COVID-19, but he is in good health and is self-isolating at his home in Nakasero.

Museveni, 78, announced his diagnosis on Twitter on Monday, saying that he had been experiencing mild symptoms, including a headache and a sore throat. He said that he had tested positive for the virus after taking a PCR test.

“I am in good health and I am isolating myself at home,” Museveni said. “I am taking medication and I am feeling much better.”

Museveni’s announcement came a day after reports on social media claimed that he had been admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) at a hospital in Kampala. These reports were later debunked by the Ugandan government.

“The President is in good health and he is self-isolating at his home,” said a statement from the government. “There is no need for alarm.”

Museveni is the second African head of state to test positive for COVID-19 in recent weeks. In May, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta tested positive for the virus and was subsequently hospitalized. Kenyatta has since recovered and returned to work.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that Africa is facing a “rapid and concerning” surge in COVID-19 cases. The continent has recorded over 10 million cases and over 200,000 deaths from the virus.

The WHO has urged African countries to step up their vaccination efforts and to implement public health measures, such as social distancing and mask-wearing, to slow the spread of the virus.

Ugandan beauty queen finally gets rid of her wig after president Museveni castigated her (Photos)

Miss Uganda Quiin Abenakyo emerged as second runner-up in the Miss World pageant that was held in China in December 2018.

Quiin was ultimately crowned Miss Africa for finishing top among beauty queens from the African continent who took part in the Miss World competition.

Her impressive performance saw her accorded a heroine’s treatment upon return to Uganda. President Yoweri Museveni however criticized Quiin during their first meeting for wearing donkey hair instead of embracing her natural African hair.

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Natural hair it is

Quiin got rid of her wig during her second meeting with president Museveni at State House, Entebbe. The beauty queen was invited for a state dinner and she was all natural in her appearance.

Quiin Abenakyo after she got rid of her wig
Quiin Abenakyo after she got rid of her wig

The Ugandan president took to Twitter to brag about Quiin heeding his advice about embracing her natural beauty;

“When we met in Entebbe, I advised Abenakyo to keep her hair natural. I am glad she heeded the advice and re-asserted her African identity. God beautifully created Africans, there is no need to add or subtract anything,” Museveni tweeted.

Museveni asks Miss Uganda to drop her wig during visit to State House 

President Yoweri Museveni recently had a few suggestions for Miss Uganda after an impressive run at Miss World event: be natural.

The Ugandan president asked the newly-crowned Miss World Africa Quiin Abenakyo to lose her wig and go for natural hair to show true African beauty.

“I congratulate our muzukulu on these accolades and also salute her for recently completing her university degree course,” tweeted Museveni.

“She is a true definition of beauty coupled with brains. My only concern is that she was wearing Indian hair. I have encouraged her to keep her natural African hair. We must show African beauty in its natural form.”

Miss World contest

Abenakyo visited the Ugandan President after she had just returned home from Sanya, China, where she came close to winning the Miss World title in China, finishing third in the popular vote.

The 22-year-old beauty queen who became the first African to get into the top 10 in the Miss World contest.

She was received by the State Minister for Tourism, Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi, other government officials, representatives from Miss Uganda Foundation, friends and fans.

“I understand your car was vandalized but forgive him,” Chameleone pleads with Museveni to free Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine was arrested on Monday August 13th following chaos that broke out on the last day of the campaigns for Arua Municipality MP.

Wine’s driver Yasin Kawuma was shot dead during the chaos. The Kyadondo East accused Ugandan police of attempting to kill.

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President Museveni’s lead vehicle was vandalized in chaos in Arua town. Bobi Wine and three other MPs who were campaigning for opposition candidate were arrested following the violence.

Museveni's vehicle that was vandalized in Arua
Museveni’s vehicle that was vandalized in Arua

Ugandan government announced that Bobi Wine and the three other MPs would be  charged before the army court in Gulu for possessing a gun.

Letter to Museveni
Jose Chameleone and Babi Wine
Jose Chameleone and Babi Wine

Jose Chameleone has since written an open letter to Museveni urging him to forgive and free Bobi Wine. He urged the president to be a symbol of forgiveness to the nation by releasing Bobi Wine.

Read the letter below:

Letter to His Excellency President of the republic of Uganda.

Dear President,

Seeking appointment or going through protocol will not deliver my urgent letter to you.
Right now I hope we all rather can let it be a temporary political mishap per what happened in the district of Arua on Monday. Unfortunately it left you car Vandalized,Many of us inconvenienced – A soul lost, And another Ugandan,brother, Friend,Fellow singer Honourable as appointed by Kyadondo east-Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine and many counterparts in an unfortunate situation. Honourable Kyagulanyi has always collaborated with me and all of us society to free Uganda from
Foreign sounds,Sell our culture beyond borders through our capital ability – Music.
Bobi Wine has over time exhibited his leadership admiration. Just Like any young ambitious man, he has treaded a path of aggressiveness.
Your excellency,Our brother, Your son Bobi Wine could have gone wrong on execution of some of his ideologies. That’s a challenge .

As head of state and forefather, It’s a great one too to lead us in example of forgiveness and reconciliation as that is one of the prime problems that have hindered our society.We are so unforgiving.
I as a son of this nation on behalf of the slogan. “For God and my Country” With all honour beg you the President to symbolise forgiveness in such a time. We can all wrong but better the forgiver.Mr President, You are a Father,Parent and always forgiving one.We shall all remain calm and be hopeful that the coming developments will see us all live harmoniously and have a peaceful country henceforth.

JOHN: 8:7
Dialogue is the answer
For God and my country

Jose Chameleone.

Presidents Uhuru and Museveni dance the night away with Caucasian hotties at State House dinner (Video)

President Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in for a second term in office on Tuesday November 28th. The real celebration was held at State House.

The events at Kasarani stadium on Tuesday were just a formal process to swear in Uhuru as president. The real celebration for Uhuru’s inauguration was held at State House that Tuesday night.

From Kasarani special guests were invited to State House for lunch. The state luncheon was attended by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Uhuru and Museveni show their dancing skills

The celebrations at State House went on until the night. Ugandan strongman Yoweri Museveni stuck around for the night celebration.

Museveni joined Uhuru on stage to dance the night away. The two presidents showed their dancing skills as they danced on stage with beautiful white ladies.

Watch the video below: