Bahati’s baby mama unveils handsome man that has been warming her bed during this cold season (Photo)

Yvette Obura popularly known as Bahati’s baby mama finally unveiled her new found love as seen on her page.

The mum of one has been keeping her private life off social media for years; until this past weekend when the lass decided to unveil man believed to be her better half!

As seen on the photo shared on her Instagram story, Yvette captioned the post with a love heart emoji accompanied by an emoji blushing face. Well,judging from how she also holds him from the back proves that there is more than friendship going on in the photo!

Bahati and Yvette Obura´s feud continues

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Yvette’s boyfriend

This being the first time Yvette is parading her man on social media; many couldn’t help but compare the new fella to Bahati.

Well, this one looks mature and if I’m not wrong; could also be a responsible man who plays the role of a step dad to baby Mueni.

Yvette Obura shows off her new found love

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No more babies

We however cannot predict how long these two will be staying with each other; especially after Yvette disclosed that she wouldn’t be adding more children in future.

So does it mean that this man will not be looking to have children in future? Well, let’s wait how things unfold and but as for now I bet Yvette is using every opportunity to have fun with her new man!