Zari Hassan speaks about her struggle to conceive a baby girl – before Tiffah’s birth

With 3 boys back to back from her previous relationship with the late Ivan Don; Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan could not imagine a life without a baby girl who would at least take after her.

I mean the boys were okay – but having a girl in the house would just make everything better, right? Anyway, just like most mums with sons – Zari could not help but wish that someday she would have her own baby girl to bond with.

It may have taken time but, after meeting Singer Diamond Platnumz – ms Zari’s dream was finally fulfilled; as Simba gave her one of the cutest babies we have come to see on social media.

As the world marks a ‘Happy Women Day’ Ms Zari has joined in by sharing a couple of photos with daughter Tiffah. To caption the posts, Zari opened up about the prayers she offered just to have a daughter; and with Tiffah here – the prayers were indeed answered.

Zari explains relationship with daughter

Having a daughter who looks like just like her -ms  Zari remains one of the most proud mums out here. The socialite cum business lady went on to express her joy for the only daughter she has saying;

I prayed for you….I imagined us. And yes, we are here now. #MyBBF! I just love how you always pull up my back zips @princess_tiffah

I guess this is the kind of love that knows no boundaries; and although many claim daughters get undivided attention from their dads – wait till you see how much fun Zari has with her baby girl.