The conviction of Jowie Irungu for the murder of Monicah Kimani

Image: Jowie Irungu

Jowie Irungu has been found guilty of murdering Monica Kimani, according to a ruling by Justice Grace Nzioka. The judge stated that Jowie stole an ID, armed himself, wore a kanzu, gained access, and murdered Monica Kimani. The evidence presented left a strong conclusion that Irungu committed the murder, and the prosecution met the threshold, proving beyond a reasonable doubt that he killed Monica Kimani. Justice Grace Nzioka emphasized that the perpetrator intended instant death, and the first accused person had knowledge of how to commit the act.

The judge also addressed the issue of Jowie’s acquaintance with Monica Kimani before her death, refuting Jowie’s claim that he did not know her. Justice Grace Nzioka found the evidence supporting Jowie’s lack of knowledge of the deceased untenable, insincere, an afterthought, and false. She determined that the first accused person was known to Monica as they were together at Kenya Polytechnic, sharing the same class and course.

Additionally, the ruling highlighted corroborative evidence regarding the clothes Jowie wore when Monica Kimani was killed. Testimony from a witness named Pamela, indicating Jowie’s attire of a white shirt with patterns, a maroon cap, and brown shorts, was found to be supported by other witnesses. The judge affirmed the presence of corroborative evidence regarding Jowie’s clothing on the material date.

In her ruling, Justice Grace Nzioka also concluded that Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu was in Monica Kimani’s house on the material date. There was enough evidence establishing Jowie as the last person seen with Monica at her Lamuria Gardens residence, accessing the estate using an identity card belonging to another person.

Jowie and Jacque Maribe have been on trial since 2018, with the prosecution calling 35 witnesses. The defence chose not to call any witnesses. Monica Kimani’s body was found in a bathtub with her throat slit, and her hands and feet tied behind her back, requiring more than one person to execute the murder.

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