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Tyler Mbaya’s Brother Mungai Reveals He Was Dating Two Girls As The Same Time (Video)

August 23, 2022 at 10:03
Tyler Mbaya's Brother Mungai Reveals He Was Dating Two Girls As The Same Time (Video)

Popular Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya’s elder brother monikered Mungai Mbaya has divulged that he has dated two women at the same time. Explaining via Mungai Eve’s channel, the youngin narrated how his girlfriend Aisha met another girl and they decided to conglomerate her into their 3- years relationship.

”She met somebody wakakua na connection. Mimi hakukuwa dem yangu directly, alikuwa dem ya dem yangu. But ikafika point tukataka ku try. The three of us are in a relationship. Wote ni madem wangu. Lakini mimi ni chali ya wote…

Throuple Relationship

Mungai Mbaya continued to state how the relationship between the three of them faired on, adding that any situation can be worked out in a relationship as long as there’s mutual maturity.

”It actually did work out… Kama uko mature enough na committed enough, mnaeza make situation yoyote ku-work… The only reason ilifika ika-end other ali meet someone genuinely na waka fall in love.”

Mbaya’s girlfriend Aisha had divulged the same through an Instagram Q&A session, where she claimed that they were in a polyamorous relationship.

The two lost their child and grieved heavily as they were anticipating to be happy first time parents. Their separation was probably expedited by the latter.

Watch the full interview video below;


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