Upsetting video of househelp urinating in boss’ cup

Kenyans have expressed revulsion over a two-part CCTV video showing a housekeeper urinating in a cup in her employer’s kitchen.

Videos published on TikTok by user IamErastus appear to have been shot around 5:57 am on July 17, 2023.

With its back to the door leading outside, the camera looks into the kitchen. The woman picks up a cup from the clean dishes while she is standing next to the sink and stoops down holding it.

To urinate, she lifts her skirt. She pees three times, then pours the urine on the kitchen sink.

She then rinses the cup and puts it back in the sink before bending over with a kitchen towel to clean up the urine splash on the floor.

At 1:17 minutes into the video, Kenyans are responding to how appalled they are that this might be a situation occurring elsewhere.

The house manager can be seen returning to her regular tasks and washing all the filthy dishes in the sink in the second footage provided by the CCTV.


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