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Vera Sidika Called Out For Blocking Female Celebrities On Instagram (Screenshots)

June 27, 2022 at 10:50
Vera Sidika Called Out For Blocking Female Celebrities On Instagram (Screenshots)

Vera Sidika has found herself subject to public scrutiny after allegedly blocking numerous celebrities on her Instagram. The socialite is well known to block people who dare to troll her or speak negatively on her page- but not celebrities like Corazon Kwamboka or Notiflow (Natalie Kutoto).

The latter made a complain that has since gone viral and roped in several ambivalent reactions as to why Vera would do such a thing. Corazon claimed that the socialite blocked her years ago without any reason.

On the flipside, singer Notiflow was also a victim, but she doesn’t want to be unblocked- since she ‘doesn’t like what she sees’.

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Vera On Blocking People

The flamboyant socialite came to her own defense claiming that she only blocks people for a reason.

”Btw I do not block people for no reason. everyone blocked know the exact reason why!! U come to my DM writing paragraphs of bullsh*t while I mind my business. I won’t respond. Utakula block roho safi. You straight directly hate for no reason I’ll block you to save u some energy maybe having access to my page sparks hate. So I’ll save u the trouble & block. What’s funny is that they will still open fake accounts to watch every move… But maybe it hurts like a b*ch that’s why they’ll always talk about it…”

According to Vera, it’s not worth it having too many followers who are ready to pounce on you with negativity. And the likes of Amber Ray have also followed suit.


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