“Vera Sidika reached out to me” Zari defends Vera and opens up about Ivan’s poisoning claims and the child he sired out of wedlock

Zari Hassan has finally opened up about everything; cause of Ivan Ssemwanga’s death, the fights with Ivan’s family and the alleged kid Ivan fathered out of wedlock.

Zari has defended Vera Sidika against critics who called her a fake friend for failing to attend Ivan Ssemwanga’s burial.

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In an interview with Millard Ayo TV, Zari said Vera had always contacted her to check on her throughout the entire period.

“Nimeona Vera Sidika was attacked ‘you didn’t even support Zari’ but she has been reaching out to me. Nimekuta a lot of her WhatsApp ‘Hi Zari how you, yani what’s going on I can’t get you. Sio lazima aende social media” Zari Said.

Zari Hassan (fourth on left) and Vera Sidika (sixth on right) during a White Party

She also rubbished claims that Ivan was poisoned, Zari made it clear that Ivan died because of the stroke he suffered which ruptured veins in his head resulting to blood flowing in his brain.

“Ivan was never poison, Ivan alikua na high blood pressure na hajawai kupima na if alipima he’s never taken it serious that he needs to take his medication. So what happened alipata stroke, vile alipata stroke high blood pia ikapanda. Now during the stroke akawa paralyzed one side of the body which is the left. And during the stroke venye imempiga, imempiga vibaya akapasuka vein in his head…in his brain…mshipa right? That thing in the head ikamwaga damu in his brain so daktari wakaniambia most of the patients like him, 80% of those patients like they die immediately. Wakaniambia 20% wenye wamebaki usually they die within a month and the other 10% hao…if they come back, if they make it wanakua fully dependent yani kumvalisha pampers, kumogesha, kumkulisha and things like that.

Ivan Ssemwanga in hospital

“So nkamuuliza ‘doctor what’s going on with my patient I wanna know’ akaniambia ‘look we are only trying to see what we can…wakamfanya operation to reduce the pressure on the brain ya ile damu lakini the operation also wasn’t successful because during the operation pressure ilikua inapanda inashuka inapanda inashuka and then also during the same operation he over bled so they didn’t continue with the operation because he was going die immediately, wakamrudisha in the ward to try stabilize him so that they can see if they can perform a second operation. So during that time when they were supposed to go back hali yake ikawa it’s just getting down and then towards the last day wakanipigia simu ‘look it’s not good you need to come and say goodbye because tumeona blood pressure kwanza ilipanda sana 220, normal blood is about 120/125. Ivan alikua 220 ilikua so bad ikakataa, sasa vile imeshuka ikashuka to 36 which was really bad. So wakatuambia come and say goodbyes tukasema our goodbyes tukarudi nyumbani because that day imepita nothing happened. Usiku around 2 o’clock on am…was it Tuesday or Wednesday 2am wakanipigia simu your patient has passed on, lakini during the day they had already told us that he’s on the process of passing on, wakatuambia no more visitors let him pass on, let his soul go in peace. It’s not poison, amekufa kwasababu of a stroke which ruptured vein in his brain coz a lot of bleeding, it was bad.” Zari explained.

Diamond’s wife also denied claims that Ivan had fathered a child out of wedlock, she explained that the said child was actually fathered by Ivan’s brother who died during a robbery at Ivan’s house in Kampala. Zari said they adopted the kid after the incident.

Zari Hassan with her boys whom were fathered by Ivan Ssemwanga

“Ivan amekuwa na watoto watatu, he had three boy and that’s it, the whole world knows.  The kid they are talking about in question…way back, tulipata wajambazi when I was still with him and then they came home ah hmmm…. Until today I don’t know what they wanted. So as we were driving they came in with arsenal wakatuambia ‘give me the handbag, where is the safe’ nini nini…and then I said there is no money kila kitu. So Ivan was in town nika negotiate nao sana sana. So during the negotiation kakake Ivan he was a little bid mentally kidogo tu disturbed sio sana but you know saa zingine ziko and then… so when he came out of the house, nlikua nje nimesimama bila kuingua ndani ya nyumba but we were already inside the yard. So ye alikua ndani so when he heard the whole misunderstanding outside he came out to stab one of the guys, he shot him, he died. So Brian alikua na huyu mtoto Winny. And Winny was I think six or eight months… So Ivan said your father died because he was saving my family am going to adopt you and make you my own child. I will take care of you na kila kitu. So that’s Ivan’s brother’s kid. But we adopted her and take care of her, until today she calls me her mom. So it’s not like kuna mtoto nini, no no no!” Zari explained.

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