Vera Sidika Reiterates Her Big Bo0ty Is 100% Real (Screenshot)

Nothing is stopping Vera from making boss-lady moves after hefty denigratory sentiments concerning her nyash; which she fooled netizens that she had surgery to reduce it. The whole thing was all for clout- and she pulled the whole stunt meticulously.

The intriguing fact is that Vera made it look so real, she even shared a video portraying part of her surgery.

In the grand scheme of things, Vera took us all for a ride that no one knew about.

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Vera’s Big Booty A Big Deal?

Most netizens shared their ambivalent colloquy on Vera’s clout chasing stunt, and some were even delighted that she reduced the pressure on them for not having a big derriere like her. Of course numerous men would go for a chick with a big nyash, and Vera is just the right epitome.

Natural Or Fake?

Sometime back, Vera had divulged that she had surgery to enhance her booty and make it bigger; but she recently prevaricated the statement and claimed that she actually had a big bo0ty before. The mother of one shared via her an Instagram Q&A with her fans, maintaining that it’s real. She even shared a throwback photo of herself before fame. Check out the screenshot below;


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