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Vera Sidika reveals secret to her big booty

October 12, 2022 at 16:09
Vera Sidika reveals secret to her big booty

Vera Sidika has been trending for days thanks to her natural booty which we all thought was recently surgically removed – thanks to a post shared on her gram talking about effects of silicon bumbum.

Well it all sounded real at some point until she dropped a song bragging about being a boss and having natural assets. Anyway we can only blame ourselves for always falling for such stunts.

With that said, the same Vera Sidika has now come out to share secret to how her booty started growing from back in the day and turns out or rather what she claims is that getting a contraceptive shot on her bum led to the growth of her big booty.

Vera Sidika parading big booty

Vera Sidika and her tales

The socialite revealed this while responding to and QnA post where a fan wrote asking;

Which contraceptive did you use that made the Nyash grow, I want it too lol

To which Sidika responded by explaining how her Nyash started growing. She said,

Like 10 years ago I was in a serious relationship so I did birth control for the first time. I looked for a clinic and found one nearby. They said they do 3 months injection. I got it done, they injected it on my butt btw. So when it expired I kept renewing then I realized I was adding weight.


I had a big butt yes. As you saw on the tbt pic, but this thing is my butt was getting bigger than it was already. Someone told me cause the @ss  has more fat cells than the rest of the body.

And just like that she kept taking the shots and here we are today!


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