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“Watu waache kunipea madem, hivi ndio mtu hukosa bibi in the future” Sleepy David finally responds after being accused of smashing J Blessing ex and Shix Kapienga

April 25, 2017 at 16:01
Sleepy David

There is a rumor making rounds that comedian Sleepy David is a dad and has been ‘hitting’ popular ladies doing well in the entertainment industry. Among the women he is accused of sleeping with is J Blessing ex… Chantelle, Shix Kapienga and the usual one Awinja.

Apparently, he has been feasting on these fine ladies and word has it that there is a reason as to why these women never say no to him. According to the blog that first highlighted this story on Instagram, we are told that his ‘Cassava’ is the reason why these women never backed off.

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Having talked to Sleepy a few weeks ago about Awinja’s pregnancy, the comedian laughed the story off as he boldly denied being responsible for her pregnancy. He also added that he was single and if there was a special woman in his life he wouldn’t hesitate on introducing her to the world.

Well, this time around I had to call back to ask about Chantelle and Shix Kapienga because this is new to everyone. I tried reaching the comedian at first but his number was busy… However, when finally managed to get him on phone I had to shoot the questions like my life depended on it.

To my surprise he did not act shocked with when I asked whether he was aware that word had it that he was smashing Chantelle and Shix Kapienga… “Lakini nani huwaambia hizi vitu?” he asked, ‘assuming’ I had an answer to his question. He went on to say

“I don’t know why idle people feel the need of ruining a person’s reputation. I think I have been quiet for long, that people want to hear me speak. But, I have so much going on with my projects and I have no time to go around nikikatia madem. Shix kwanza ni beshte yangu sana and never have I been interested in her that way. We are buddies and no I have never been involved with her…Nimejibu swali yako?”

Waiting to hear about Chantelle’s part, he added to say


Chantelle? Come on! mimi ata naogopa madem wasupuu hivyo plus ni msee wa Jblessing. Sasa mimi na yeye aje? Lakini wacha nisiongee mob…weh andika kenye unataka. Just know that I am single and I have never messed with these chicks…Plus niko na project na launch beginning of May that’s why I am too busy to deal with Instagram posts accusing me of vitu hazimake sense . If anybody asks tena tell them comedy is bae! Watu waache kunipea madem hivi ndio mtu hukosa bibi in the future (laughs)

Well, there you have it!


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