‘We Are Not Perfect’ Professor Hamo Hits Back After Criticisms About Show With Baby Mama Jemutai

Professor Hamo has finally come out to defend their relationship with Jemutai ‘Chibambe’ after facing criticisms about their joint show. Hamo and Jemutai had previously been on the limelight for keeping their relationship a secret and having babies together. Moreover, Hamo had been exposed as a dead beat dad; until DNA was conducted and forced him to take responsibility.

The Re-Union


The two are set to re-unite in their show dubbed ‘Raw & Candid’, which is going to be all about their lives. Hamo will also explain the unexpected twist of events that led to him being referred to as a dead beat dad.

Additionally, Hamo further explains that the show is aimed at helping other families in the same situation to heal.

He defended himself and shut down critics on his Instagram saying;

”The one thing that I have learnt for sure is to be an HONEST Man; and to live my truth and i am going to do so for the rest of my life.
And that is what Raw and Candid with Hamo/Jemutai is all about; living our truths we are not perfect we are HUMAN. I hope our journey can help a family somewhere heal and live their truth.
Those asking about First lady she is camera shy and i respect that.
Guys, let’s be REAL,BOLD AND HONEST”

The show is set to air on Jemutai’s YouTube channel.

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