“Weezdom angenipea ata ukimwi” Manzi wa TRM opens up about relationship with singer

It must really hurt Manzi wa TRM aka Carol to realize that Weezdom only got with her as a rebound and not what she had previously thought or expected – real love. Okay, already I’m sure she has had her share of heartbreaks, I mean isn’t  she a single mum?

Think about it – maybe baby daddy moved on with someone new, leaving her to try out relationships that never seem to work; and just when you think it can’t get any worse – she ends up with a lover like Weezdom. Oh lawd. Anyway I know you get the picture, right?

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Well, days after Weezdom was said to have reconciled with ex Mylee Stacey his other ex, Manzi wa TRM is now kinda paying back by sharing unknown information about Weezdom. And according to her, Weezdom is a broken man, who she had tried fixing but unfortunately failed.

Manzi wa TRM

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But wait…hold up… why do lonely women always try to fix broken men? Is that even possible? I mean, unless you are a psychiatrist or his mummy why would you be playing the ‘fixer’ with somebody’s son?

Manzi wa TRM outs ex boyfriend

Anyway back to the original story… so, according to Manzi wa TRM the one month she dated Weezdom was like a roller coaster ride – going in circles.

From what she said is that Weezdom is not only a heavy drinker who most of times ends up puking on himself among other things…I think I heard something like bedwetter but, si ni effect ya pombe ama?


And the worst part is that he also happens to be a bed hopper. Like, jumps from one woman to another something that Manzi wa TRM says she feared the whole time they dated.

According to the upcoming rapper, there are times she feared Weezdom would infect her with STI’s if not HIV/AIDs. Speaking about this with Plug TV, Carol said;

Unajua kuzunguka yake ni kuzunguka mbaya ni ile kuzunguka ya mtu anaweza kuletea ata Ukimwi. Unajua kuna kuzunguka ya ile let me go to my mother’s place nitulie siku moja, let me go to my uncle’s place, let me go to my brother’s, my friend’s place. But kuzunguka yake sasa ni mbaya, unajua kuzunguka yake ni kuenda kwa kitanda ya mschana mwingine. So yani mimi I feel it’s risky to date somebody like that kabisa. It’s very risky.

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