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Why Akothee left all her relationships to be a single mum

November 19, 2019 at 16:54
Why Akothee left all her relationships to be a single mum

Akothee for the very first time has opened up revealing why she is a single mum and continue to insist on staying out of relationships.

So far the singer has 5 beautiful kids who she flaunts on her social media pages for the world to see. Looking at how they carry themselves it’s evident to see that Akothee has definitely put in some work to ensure they are disciplined and never lack anything.

Akothee opens up

Just recently speaking to Pulse Live Akothee said that she no longer has a heart as it was torn into pieces a long time ago.

One of Akothee’s baby daddies

According to the singer she never wanted her children to see her cry and struggle since she knows that this would have affected them in one way or another.

“I always say I only have my kidney with me because my heart was already damaged long time ago… and reason as to why I left some of my past relationships is because I realized the relationships were toxic to my children. I did not want to be in a situation where my children would see me crying, I didn’t want my children to see me kama kuku imenyeshewa. I only wanted my children to see that vibrant mother because it’s only me that can give my children an okay that mama it is fine. But if every time I cannot even have the energy to empower them because someone is draining my energy, I walked out a long time ago,”


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