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Why Gloria Muliro refused to appear in same music video as Willy Pozee! (Video)

June 25, 2020 at 09:58
Why Gloria Muliro refused to appear in same music video as Willy Pozee! (Video)

Gospel singer Gloria Muliro and Willy Paul have a new single out dubbed Wema. Just like the title, this song speaks about the goodness of the almighty; and what better way to pass the message across than putting it in a song?

Well, turns out that Gloria Muliro featured Willy Paul on the Wema single three years back; and after taking time to perfect the song, they both agreed to upload it on YouTube just a few days ago.

The song has however left many questioning whether Pozee has given up on his controversial ways; and judging from the YouTube comments, some remain hopeful that the male singer will find his way back to God.

Pozee with Willy Paul


Speaking to Mzazi Willy M Tuva and his cohost Selly Kadot; Gloria Muliro not only disclosed when she recorded the song – but why she continues to insist on having the lyric video instead of the normal visual one.

However according to Gloria, there are a few things she is yet to iron out with Willy Pozee before they work on another video. To her, his salvation will be the key to open ways that will better their new song.

Judging from her interview, it’s obvious to tell that Gloria does not wish to mix with controversy; something Willy Paul is now known to enjoy!

Speaking during the interview Muliro opened up saying;

Willy Paul

Tbt: Willy Paul

Ni kweli kwamba Willy aliweza kuni approach kwa Sababu ya kufanya video ya huu wimbo; lakini nikawa na swali ambalo najua wengi pia wamekuwa wakijiuliza. Nikiangalia comments ambazo watu wanaandika wengi wanauliza je Willy amerudi gospel au vipi?

From her statement above, it’s obvious to tell that Gloria will not be dragging her name in mud. If indeed this is the reason, then doesn’t it mean she is doing quit the opposite of Christian teachings? But hey, who am I to judge?

She went on to conclude saying;

Na ninatiwa moyo sana nikiona wengi wangependa Willy akiwabariki na nyimbo za gospel vile alikuwa akiwabariki kitambo. Kwa hivyo mimi nlipokuwa na hilo swali, tumekuwa na mazungumzo na Willy, mazungumzo ambayo hatujamaliza na kwa sababu tuliona wimbo unafaa kuwa released, basi tukarelease in a lyric form.


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