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Why homicide detectives have impounded Jacque Maribe’s Toyota Allion 

September 28, 2018 at 09:48
Why homicide detectives have impounded Jacque Maribe's Toyota Allion 

Jacque Maribe’s Toyota Allion could give police the much needed evidence to convict her fiance Joseph Irungu who is the main suspect in the gruesome murder of Monica Kimani.

Detectives have established that Irungu was at Monica’s Lamuria Apartments in Kilimani, Nairobi on the da y she was brutally murdered.

Forensic detectives on Thursday September 27th impounded Jacque Maribe’s car Toyota Allion as they look for leads that could pin Irungu to Monica’s murder.

Jacque Maribe's Toyota Allion at Kilimani Police Station

Jacque Maribe’s Toyota Allion at Kilimani Police Station

Suspect drove the Allion

Detectives believe Irungu used Jacque’s Toyota Allion on the fateful night that he allegedly killed Monica. Irungu claimed that on the night of September 20 (when Monica was killed) he picked Maribe from a club in Kilimani and drove her to their house in Royal Park estate, Langata.

Irungu is also said to have been driving the Allion at about 1.30am on September 21 when he claimed to have been shot and wounded in the chest by a gunman.





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