Why Ringtone rejected Azziad´s proposal despite promising him 7 children

Barely weeks after controversial artist, Ringtone Apoko made headlines of a possible relationship with Azziad Nasenya, he has come out to say the TikTok queen does not meet the threshold of his ideal woman.

Ringtone has to be one of the few gospel artists in Kenya who has been single for so long and still not bothered that age might catch up.

When asked, the gospel artist says he is yet to meet a woman ideal to be his lawfully-wedded wife.

Just when we thought Azziad – having agreed to feature in his new track Zoea Mawe – would fit as one of the few ladies Ringtone would not be embarrassed to be spotted in public with, it turns out to be wrong.

Affluent gospel artist, Ringtone Apoko

Up and close with celebrated radio personality, Jalang´o, Alex Apoko admitted that Azziad has every characteristic a man would admire, but there is something she lacks – spirituality.

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You will be shocked at what made Azziad get knocked off Ringtone´s list.

Azziad is beautiful and intelligent but I can´t date her because she does not pray 7 times a day and does not speak in tongues. However, she told me she is ready to bear 7 children. She still has a couple of things to achieve for her to suit the kind of ´wife material´ I desire.

Content creator and dancer, Azziad Nasenya

Well, I am also not sure about the agreement on 7 children but let´s leave it at that.

Wedding Zari

Referring to his disappointing proposal to Diamond´s ex, Zari Hassan, Ringtone denied that he intended to marry her – he was instead misquoted.

I never wanted to marry Zari. But seeing the way Diamond broke her heart, I decided that as an evangelist, I should encourage her. I told her; ´I as Ringtone, I love you so much like Jesus loves you´. I was trying to help her with my Range rover since she said she loves the luxury German ride. But the media misinterpreted my intentions for her.

Ringtone proposes to Zari

Before revealing:

I am not a virgin. Before I became saved, I had committed sins.

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