William Kabogo faults Justice Wakiaga for calling Jowie a woman eater, but quickly shuts up after KOT reminds him of Mercy Keino murder

High Court Judge James Wakiaga denied Jacque Maribe’s fiancé Josheph Irungi alias Jowie bail on grounds that he would interfere with the case if released.

Wakiaga also raised eyebrows when he described Jowie in unflattering terms, he called him a male version of a slay queen and a woman eater.

“A male version of a slay queen, which for lack of a better word I’ll call a woman eater. He was living in the house of the second accused. driving the second accused’s car, with no known source of income since 2017 when he provided security for some Jubilee politicians,” said Justice Wakiaga while giving his ruling on bail application.


Some people didn’t take it lightly that Justice Wakiaga called Jowie a slay queen and a woman eater. Mutahi Ngunyi and former Kiambu governor William Kabogo took to social media to express their disapproval of the judge’s unflattering terms.

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) called out Kabogo for stating that Wakiaga should be excused from the Monica Kimani’s case for calling Jowie a woman eater.

KOT quickly reminded Kabogo about the murder of University of Nairobi student Mercy Keino who was killed in 2011. Kabogo was adversely mentioned in an inquest into the death of Mercy.

Mercy had attended a party hosted by Kabogo at Wasini Luxury Apartments, Westlands before her body was found on Waiyaki Way on the night of June 17-18, 2011, it was mutilated and bones had been fractured.

She was reported to have been escorted out of the party after she became drunk and unruly. Kabogo was however cleared of Mercy Keino death in 2016.



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