Willy Paul discloses main reason for quitting gospel music

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Many have been asking why Willy Pail quit making gospel music; and finally this burning question has been answered by Pozee himself while speaking to Jalang’o on a recent interview.

According to Willy Paul he was fighting powerful people who wanted him to fail in the music industry. He went on to mention that despite his relationship with God being intact, he could not put up with the challenges that almost ended his music career.

Speaking to the Kiss FM presenter, Pozee opened up revealing;

Willy Paul performing with Gloria

God and I have not split, I’m still his son. But the thing is, the same God that blesses Sauti Sol, Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy and even Chris Brown is the same God that blesses gospel artistes. So even before I made up my mind to go this route, I was facing a lot of challenges in the gospel industry. I don’t want to mention names but the people in the gospel industry did so much to me. There’s that feeling where you haven’t done anything to anyone but they just want to see you fail.

Boycotting music

According to the singer these same people ensured his music was not receiving airplay on several radio stations; making it hard for him to make money – yet his mum back at home was depending on him for financial help.

Willy Paul with Rayvanny during video shoot

These guys were so against me that they protested against my music being played on several radio stations like two or three of them. There was a time I was solely depending on music for survival, to cater to my mom’s bills and mine. But these people were so heartless they didn’t care.

However since deciding to switch to secular music, Pozee now says that everything on his court seems just fine; and most of all free since his music has no boundaries!

As we speak I’m free because what I’m doing now is just music, no boundaries. I’ll wake up tomorrow I feel like worshipping I’ll worship, I feel like love, I’ll sing a love song. Now I don’t have to beg anyone or kneel before anyone to get anything because that’s not me and it will never happen.

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