Willy Paul threatens to sue Shakilla with new string of evidence (Screenshots)

Image: Willy Paul to sue Shakilla

Willy Paul has made an ugly comeback on Shakilla, threatening to press charges against her, claiming he has all the evidence with him.

In a series of chat screenshots as captured by a local publication, Pozze claimed that first, he does not know where the chick got his phone number from.

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Revealing how the babe started calling him on WhatsApp severally before recently making direct calls to him.

Willy Pauls side of the story

“She keeps sending and unsending DMs, even asking me to go Live with her and break Xtian’s record. Huyu si ni wazimu?” bashed Willy Paul.

Willy Paul and Shakilla

It so happened that on that fateful night of the scuffle, Pozze was in studio and his phone kept ringing, so when he finally picked up, the caller identified as “Tiffany”.

But since he did not know any Tiffany, he asked her never to ring his number. Then his girl who has in his house at the time, called few minutes later to inform him one Tiffany’ was here as his business partner.

Pozze confronted his girl on phone, for letting in the babe but did not blame her because she is not Kenyan so probably did not know what to do.

The singer asking his girl to take photos of the the chick privately and send them to him, only to realize it is Shakilla, to his utter surprise.

Pozze questioned Shakilla’s guts to even ask his girl how long she has been in his house, so he rushed back with his ‘boys’ to find Shakilla in the kitchen.

He questioned her visit to his premises, claiming she had been told by a mutual friend that he has been looking for her.

“Surely, how stupid can one be?”he remarked. Only for the singer to secretly ring the friend’s number and find out Shakilla is lying.

Things turn sour

That is when Willy Paul smelt something fishy and called the police on her, realizing Shakilla had recorded herself while in his house, probably to use it against him in future.

Claiming Shakilla is the one who pleaded with him to drop the charges, shocked she dared say she was fred on bail.

“Naskia akisema alitoka na bail, does she even know what bail is? Or maybe she meant alitoka na belly, because that is the only thing she can afford,” Willy Paul fired back.

Vowing to press charges against the lass if she does not come out clean.

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