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Willy Paul’s congratulatory message to mum as she weds the love of her life

October 28, 2021 at 12:41
Willy Paul’s congratulatory message to mum as she weds the love of her life

Willy Paul has always considered Gloria Muliro to be his mum probably because of their first hit song, sitolia that saw them get recognition in the entertainment industry.

However their relationship changed as soon as Willy Paul got involved with scandals; and being one who prefers being low key and is quite spiritual – Gloria Muliro distanced herself from him.

Willy Paul performing with Gloria

The last time these two were together, they has been working on a project that didn’t end well after Gloria Muliro refused to appear on the same music video as Willy Paul. This is because she feared having her image and Christian Values tainted by Pozee’s character.

Anyway despite all this, looks like Willy Paul is not holding any bad blood as he recently joined the many fans congratulating Muliro on her wedding. As seen on his Instagram page, Willy Paul wrote a warm message to him ‘mum’ saying;

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Pozee congratulates Gloria Muliro

Congratulations mum, @gloriamuliro … God’s timing is always the best
Much love.

Willy Paul’s controversial ways

Although we must admit that Pozee was really good at releasing gospel hits (as he remains irreplaceable) truth is, he couldn’t keep hiding his true colors which are now known to everyone.

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Apart from being a rude, hard headed artiste Willy Paul has also been accused of sexually harassing more than five women. Others even claim that he batters his lovers but despite all these rumors, the young girls can’t stop chasing him.

With such stories, you can now understand why his fame is slowly fading away and the sad part is that he can’t reverse the damage so far.


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