“You are ratchet and meant for the streets” Saumu Mbuvi tells female stalker

Saumu Mbuvi feels like she has a stalker keeping up with her online life; and just to be clear – it’s obvious that the stalker she recently went on to throw shade at on social media in none other than the same woman who snatcher hubby Anwar from her.

Saumu Mbuvi attacking Aeedah Bambi?

So yes, Aeedah Bambi is the alleged stalker  that cannot seem to stay away from former friend, Saumu Mbuvi. From what we have since learnt is that the two former besties no longer see eye to eye all thanks to a man, Anwar;  who was Saumu’s husband and of course baby daddy.

Saumu Mbuvi with the shade!

With him moving on with Aeedah not only brought bad blood between the two ladies; but also seems to have brought drama – and the two cannot help but expose each other online.

Aeedah Bambi
Aeedah Bambi with Saumu’s husband, Anwar Loitiptip

Just a few hours ago Saumu went on a live session to open up about a stalker; and from the way she talked, let’s just say Saumu is carrying a lot of sumu scratch that bitterness in her tongue.

Speaking during the live, the lady went on to say;

You’re a ratchet and meant for the streets. You have been given a man for free and you are not satisfied. Taking my Instagram as a dating site. I hate being on social media but this woman is too much. What is wrong with this woman following all my partners.

Not quite sure why Saumu feels that Aeedah is chasing her men; but one thing is for sure – Senator Anwar needs to get his home in order before the two spill everything on social media!

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