“You can’t cook but you are a very clean woman!” Diamond Platnumz close relative praises Zari Hassan after fans troll her ‘shapeless’ Chapati

Image: Zari Hassan

Ugandan or rather East Africa’s socialite Zari Hassan who is a mother of 5 this past weekend went online to show off her cooking skills; however things did not go as planned.

It all started when Zari’s guests arrived at her home; and for some reason decided they wanted chapatis to go with the rest of the dishes she had earlier prepared. Probably this is because Zari had already proved to be a  good cook and the guests hoped that she some make yummy Chapati’s.

Mama Tiffah showing off her cooking skills

Zari trolled

As usual the boss lady went on Instagram to show off that despite her beauty she was also good in the kitchen. Sadly most of the fans reacting to her video went on to call her out for the shapeless chapati’s.

Others couldn’t help but assume that this was the main reason Diamond Platnumz cheated since he could not stand such meals on the table.

Juma Lokole defends Zari

One of Diamond Platnumz close friends Juma Lokole however felt that the trolls were not necessary! According to the radio presenter and Instagram big wig; Zari’s kitchen skills were way much better compared to other social media slay queens.

Juma Lokole

He however mentioned that despite the shapeless chapati’s Zari had proven to be a very neat and clean lady. From previous stories we understand that Diamond’s family was mostly attracted to Zari’s cleanliness and organized lifestyle.

He also mentioned that she was a good mother to her children and no one would take that away from her. Lokole wrote;

Zari’s chapatis

???????????????????? umejitaidi kidogo kupika chapati ….. kuna watu umu ata kukata vitunguu awajui ???????????????? ……. sema nini kupika ujui ???????? wewe ni mwanamke msafi na unajuwa kutunza watoto ???????????? ……. mmmh izo chapati mama tee zimepinda Kama kisigino changu ???????????? ……..


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