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‘You Guys Are Bigger Than This Small Online Fights’ Krg Reacts To Arrow Bwoy and Magix Enga Beef

February 25, 2021 at 09:14
'You Guys Are Bigger Than This Small Online Fights' Krg Reacts To Arrow Bwoy and Magix Enga Beef

Arrow Bwoy’s claim to have spent Kshs 2 million on his music video seems to be a hoax to beat master and producer Magix Enga. According to the producer, there is no way Arrow Bwoy would spend such huge amounts of money on the song when he is unable to settle his studio fees. Enga also claimed that Arrowbwoy’s chain cost Ksh 500, so there’s no way he can afford such a huge amount to shoot a video.

”We mshamba unaitwa Arrow Bwoy wewe… Unavaa chain ya Ksh 500 na unasema apa ati ume shoot video ya Ksh 2 Million.”

The producer’s innocuous words culminated the beef between the two, leading to various reactions from celebrities. However, the issue seems to be out of hand.

Musician and entrepreneur, Karuga Kimani, better known as Krg the Don, was one of the celebrities who reacted to the beef. He shunned the beef and says that there’s no need for the two to have such a beef. Krg also adds that the two have come from far together. He intends to reconcile the two.

”Magix Enga and Arrow Bwoy you guys are bigger than This small online Fights

@magixenga and @arrowbwoy we need to link up ASAP #bughaa can’t agree to see you guys like dat.”

Will Krg succeed to bring the two close again if both are not willing? Only time will tell.


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