Zari Hassan Advises People In Relationships To Be Wary Of Slowing Partners

Ugandan-South African businesswoman Zari Hassan, has offered some sage advice to those in relationships, suggesting that a sudden decline in their partner’s attention could be a sign of infidelity.

In an Instagram story, Hassan shared a thought-provoking analogy, comparing a slowing partner to a congested Wi-Fi network.

“A wise man once said, if your Wi-Fi connection starts to slow down, it means more people are using it,” she wrote. “This is not about Wi-Fi, read it again.”

Hassan’s relationship advice comes on the heels of her recent white wedding, which she has exclusively sold to Netflix for their upcoming show, “The Young Famous and African.” During an interview with a Ugandan TV station, she revealed, “Shakib and I had our wedding in South Africa, and we sold the exclusive rights to Netflix for their upcoming show, ‘The Young Famous and African.’ Those who want to know what happened should wait for the new season.”

The couple first exchanged vows in April of this year during a private Nikkah ceremony attended by close family members. For her bride price, Hassan requested a Quran, a choice that surprised even her husband.

“I have had everything I have ever wanted in this world. God has blessed me. I have a beautiful life, my kids are okay, and my business is thriving. And I get gigs here and there,” she explained to a Tanzanian journalist. “I’m blessed enough… so for me, I only asked my husband for a Quran because I’m trying to up my faith game. I’m a Muslim too sometimes. He was even surprised when I told him that.”

Hassan’s decision to prioritize spiritual enrichment over material possessions reflects her personal growth and commitment to deepening her faith. Her advice on relationships, while metaphorical, highlights the importance of communication, trust, and addressing any concerns that may arise in a partnership.

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